"What we should really fear is not failure but the heart that is no longer brave enough to take risks and embrace challenges." - G-Dragon of BIGBANG (via a-quote-per-day)
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Let us all take a minute to talk about what’s happening with SM.

It’s seems that right after Kris filed it has been nothing but a series of unfortunate events for SM as a company.

It seems that whatever good news does come out of the company a string of bad follows right after.

Lay said they…

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I feel so gangster when I listen to Bangtan


Like when Im in the car


Or walking down the street


Specially when Im home alone


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Them EXO boys can be dating, not dating, maybe dating, possibly dating, girl dating, boy dating, person dating, carbon dating, instagram updating, ice skating, fancy plating, checkmating, cheese grating, movie rating, balloon inflating, tire deflating, conjugating, communicating, etc. and it’s still gonna be nobody’s business. 

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-I don't care-