The only comeback we should be anticipating is the comeback of the missing people aboard the Sewol ferry.

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manlytaebong asked: Please tell exostans and luhan fans not to tag Luhan or EXO's pictures on the hashtag #prayforsouthkorea. since its being disrespectful. we are asking for your help so please spread it and let everyone know.
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It can be a little hard when you’ve been waiting for something so anticipated and it keeps getting delayed. I totally get that. But for me, even though it can be frustrating to wait, I really respect and admire South Korean media for paying their respect towards a tragedy….

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Today, at 4:10pm KST, the principal of Danwon high school (the school of the students trapped on the Sewol ferry) was found dead. Reports say he hung himself on a tree.
The principal led the students on the trip, and was one of the passengers that were rescued from the sinking ferry on the 16th.
The police say he took his own life because he could not overcome the guilt..
고인의 명복을 빕니다.

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