Shindong, we won’t forget you. We’ll definitely wait ㅠㅠ

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  • Shindong: I'm sorry to fans who watched Star Gazing, you were worried right? I will always continue for SJ, don't worry!
  • cr.ELFbelongstoSJ
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who’s your fav band?



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So, what did we learn today about solos?
  • Sungmin: *wild hair&drums*
  • Eunhyuk: *sexy, chained up*
  • Kyuhyun: *peaceful*
  • Kangin: *peaceful*
  • Ryeowook: *peaceful*
  • Henry: *is fantastic*
  • Zhoumi: *proud baby*
  • Leeteuk: *peaceful, features Sungmin*
  • Siwon: *becomes a freaking centaur*
  • Shindong: *peaceful*
  • Donghae: *drags Hyukjae with him*
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-I don't care-